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Lenses for the Sinarcam 2 Compact
Объективы Sinaron / Цифровые объективы
Lenses of many focal lengths, in zoom and shift versions are available for the most diverse photographic tasks. By means of different lens boards, you are enabled to utilize lenses from medium format or 35 mm cameras that are already on hand.

No. Typ
35 mm Lens with Olympus-OM Bayonet
445.81.060 Sinaron Digital Zoom 2.8/35-80
Specially digital lenses
with focusing mount (EF) on lens boards
445.83.103 Sinaron Digital 4.5/45 EF
445.83.109 Sinaron Digital 5.6/90 EF
445.83.113 Sinaron Digital 5.6/135 EF
Lens Boards
556.63.010 Sinaron Bayonet Board, digital man
556.63.011 Sinaron Bayonet Board, digital auto
556.63.021 Nikon Bayonet Board, digital auto
556.63.030 Leica-R Bayonet Board, digital man
Shift Lens Boards
Because medium format camera lenses have a larger image circle, the respective lens board is also available in a shift version. The latter (as well as the Sinaron shift lenses) enable you to enhance your digital photographs even further (for instance by straightening converging verticals) and they also give you greater creative freedom with digital photography. The shift lens boards permit the correction of converging lines
556.64.051 Hasselblad Shift Board, digital man
556.64.061 Mamiya 645 Shift Board, digital man
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